Bacterium/Homo 1, Phase 1

Nutrient agar, a bacterial culturing medium, saturated twenty-four foot panels of fiberglass. I collected soil samples and swabbed them on the surface of the panels. The bacteria grew for one week, growing into dense bacterial and fungal growth covering the entire surface. The panels were then dehydrated and used as architectural elements, creating an eight-foot tall curved corridor. 


Bacterium/Homo 1, Phase 1 is a scale-shifting, double-inversion device. It shifts the micro-scale to the visible-scale by providing nutrients and an ideal bacterial environment. By using samples from the soil, it inverts the ground into an architectural space. As humans move through the bacterial corridor, they too are theoretically inverted-- many types of bacteria found in the soil also exist in human gut flora. The strong odor of the gases released by the bacteria fills the entire gallery, resulting in a shared (human and nonhuman) air experience. 

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