Emergent Practices Beyond the Human:


The world is a complex system made up of many, small interactions, which produce endless patterns and forms. Each moment is an event: an active, participatory state where all parts of a system affect and are affected. These parts are living and nonliving, human and nonhuman. I develop an art that locates itself within these events and works directly on their terms. It is an art of systems, evolving boundaries, scale shifting, stimuli conversions and multiple living and nonliving actors.


I strategically and experimentally take a non-anthropocentric viewpoint to engage with these fluid environmental states. By treating all system parts equally (human and nonhuman), I facilitate a practice of shared, emergent experience, as a constructed environment of living and nonliving parts. Complex dialogue ensues.


The work moves away from the object and toward functioning-system works. Living and nonliving parts are displaced, positioned together and set in motion, creating new systems. Technologies are implemented to create conditions that enable multiple species to co-exist and simultaneously experience. Human and nonhuman tools expand receptor capabilities, conflating seemingly separate events. The events are partially open systems, demarcated by (often permeable) pathways and boundaries that include but are not limited to: walls, glass, smells, cameras, magnification, growth mediums, humidity, bricks, temperature, fabric, spices, various types of light, and bodily organs.


The ideas that underlie these methods have precedents in the process philosophy of Bruno Latour, Graham Harman, Gilles Deleuze, and the non-anthropocentric sciences of Eduardo Kohn and Donna Haraway.


Each system-work evolves as it moves into new locations, changes size, and/or gains and loses components, forms, co-creators. Emergent properties reveal themselves and the process continues. By bringing living organisms into the making process, and providing adapted spaces for interspecies interactions, the work is no longer exclusively for or by the human.