Homo[+]/Homo 1, Phase 1


A gallery-based systems study, focusing on both the systems that humans function within and the systems that function within the human. There are two main sections to the piece: a Skin Microbiome Growth Table with a microscopic camera, and an Internal Microbiome Reflector. 


Internal Microbiome Reflector: Saliva test strips are provided to reveal the internal pH levels of participants (pH levels indicate what types of microbiomes our bodies can sustain). Each result is recorded on a slip of paper. At the end of each day, the data is collected and converted into a glowing orb lit by three LED lights. Each pH result has a different color combination of LEDs. The orbs are then added to the wall and powered by battery. As the orbs collect, the ambient light shifts: a reflection of the internal conditions of the viewers who enter the space. 


The Skin Microbiome Growth table is a glass, rectangular table (5´5˝ length—my height) filled with nutrient agar. Samples from my own body are swabbed in corresponding sections of the table. The bacterial and fungal growth is visible to the unaided eye but can be more closely studied with a microscopic camera device. Viewers can move the camera to any location of the table, and the image is projected onto a screen behind a wall. The wall blocks the projection from the person moving the camera—multiple viewers must function together to both move the camera and see the result.

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