Drosophila/Homo 1, Phase 1


Drosophila/Homo 1, Phase 1 is a tasting experiment, bringing humans and nonhumans (fruit flies) together in a Newark, NJ gallery setting. The group show, titled "Surroundings," showcases work that stimulates a heightened awareness of ones surroundings. 


To investegate this theme, I invite humans and common fruit flies to actively share a space. Fresh cut limes and banana peels lure fruit flies, while art, wine and cheese lure humans. The work further examines our co-inhabitation by encouraging humans to take candy-coated stickers and place them on their bodies. The stickers are edible to humans and fruit flies, transforming our bodies to interspecies contact points and shared tasting experiences. 


Fruit fly taste (particularly sweetness) perception is greater than human taste capabilities. This scale relationship is visualized-- the green outline represents the taste perception of flies, in relation to the small orange square, which represents human capacity.


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