Ariadna/Homo 1, Phase 1


Ariadna/Homo 1 is a human sound experience that is influenced by the corolla spider’s foraging behavior. The corolla spider is found in the Namib Desert, an arid landscape in southern Africa. To avoid dehydration and exposure to heat and sun, the spiders spend most of their time underground in burrows. The spider surrounds the entrance of the burrow with quartz crystals, runs a trail of silk from each stone down into the base of the tunnel, and waits with its legs resting on the strands of silk. Quartz is piezoelectric and is useful in transferring vibrations from the crystal, through the silk strand, to the spider. As organisms brush against the stones at the surface level they produce vibrations, which the corolla spider receives and distinguishes as sounds of predators or sounds of prey. The quartz is used as a tool to extend the hearing range of the spider (learn more about the corolla spider by watching the video below).


This work borrows this sensory extension technique and adapts it for human perception. 4 microphones are placed around the gallery. Free brochures reveal a map of the microphone placement and offer additional information about the work (you can download a pdf of the brochure below). The microphones are made from piezoelectric transducers and crystals (Rochelle salt). The microphones pick up surface vibrations, which are then sent through microphone cable to the speaker sets located on the wall in the main gallery (listen to sounds from each speaker below). Preamplifiers increase the sounds to make them audible to our human ears. The microphones displace sounds from beyond the main gallery, extending our hearing range.


Download a PDF of the brochure here. 

Learn more about the corolla spider in this video. 







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